thou shall covet thou neighbors wifi!

I’m sure everyone can relate here.

You check into your hostel/hotel/guesthouse which proudly proclaims it has wifi, only to find out that it sucks. And you just paid for the next four nights here. Damn.

But there is hope. Although your guesthouse has a wireless connection akin to tin cans on a piece of string, the hostel or hotel next door also has wifi. Could it be that their wifi trumps majorly over yours? Maybe. If it does your in luck, because your getting full bars from their connection from your room. And you get an inkling feeling that a hotel which looks as good as it does from the outside must have a fast connection…hmm. What to do?

Well, obviously you’re not happy paying for the $80 a night rooms next door, as much as you love wifi. You much prefer your $8 four post bed and four walls. But, if only there was a way one could tap into that sweet, sweet connection without needing to pay for the room?

Well, there is.

I came across this strategy of sorts whilst staying here in Unawatuna, on the South coast of Sri Lanka. I didn’t personally partake in it, but I was told all about it by the friendly owner of my family-run guesthouse. And if I’m ever in a such a similar situation again in the future I know I’ll try this.

My situation down here is not exactly as I’ve described above, purely for the fact that my guesthouse never claimed it had wifi. But it does. You’re confused.

Basically, my guesthouse doesn’t have wifi, in the sense that they own the wifi connection.

But the hotel next door does. And we can pick up on the signal here. And we know the password. And man is it an amazingly fast connection!

How did we get the password?

Well, a couple of guests a couple of years back cooked up a nice strategy, executed with finesse, and passed on the fruits of their exploits to the owner of the guesthouse, and him to me and everyone who ever stays here. They basically went to the hotel next door for a drink or two. Being patrons of the establishment they then inquired as to the wifi password. The password given graciously. After sipping forever on their $12 drinks they then paid their bills and left. But they took something with them back to the guesthouse next door. Specifically the wifi password.

Two years later the password still works. And boy am I glad. “The wifi here is the fastest in Sri Lanka”, is what you’ll often hear me tell people that ask me where I’m staying. And I stand by that. I do.

So next time you are in a similar situation do as these guys did. Go to the establishment for a drink or meal and ask for the password. Then write that bad boy down somewhere. And share. Good karma awaits.

Hopefully the signal is still strong enough from your actual hotel to allow you to connect. And hopefully they don’t EVER change the password.

Luckily they haven’t down here. And that’s why I can talk to you….And I Tho…………………..

Yes, I’m still here! Just fooling. See you next time!


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